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wallpaper paste removal

My home was built in 1917 with plaster walls in very good condition. I believe wallpaper was put on walls in 1964. The wallpaper was easy to remove but the paste....have read about vinegar/water solutions; any other suggestions?

Re: wallpaper paste removal

We usually start with plain warm water and some liquid dish soap and soak the walls as much as possible, coating the wet wall with sheet plastic if needed.

Re: wallpaper paste removal

All wallpaper pastes are water soluble, some more than others.You have to get them wet and keep them wet until they loosen. Once softened, they can be wiped away with a sponge. Often they need encouragement with steel wool or 3M scrubby pads.

I always used a garden sprayer to apply the water. I would tape plastic to the bottom of the wall to form a trough from which I would wipe up the water coming down the wall. Don't get too far ahead, as once the paste softens, you want to get it off before it dries down again.

Re: wallpaper paste removal

I know you'll try to do a good job in removing the paste, unfortunately, there will be some paste left on the wall, no matter what you d or how many times you clean the walls.

When you prepare the wall after the cleaning, use a good primer before you paint, to stop the remaining glue from bleeding through.

Re: wallpaper paste removal

I agree with dj1 about priming. Try as you might, you will miss some paste, especially since cellulose pastes are clear. They cannot be seen, but only felt due to their slimey feel.

Also,If you tint your primer to the finish color, you will probably get by with only one prime and one finish coat.

Re: wallpaper paste removal

Vinegar is pretty good for breaking down the paste, but on real plaster it also dissolves the lime and etches the walls. I'd go with a detergent/ammonia blend.

Re: wallpaper paste removal

I like to use DIF to remove the paste work great I use hot watere and mix it a little strong. Usually gets it all off. But is must stay wet.
I have applied it using a roller in a paint pan.

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