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wallpaper: butt joints separated

The top half of my bathroom walls are wallpaper. Some of the butt joints have pulled apart (1/32 to 1/16 inch). Also, some on the corners are butted instead of overlapped. Where the corners are butted, they are also pulled apart. The wallpaper is yellow and white vertical stripes. The dark gaps are very unsightly. If I could fill those gaps with some white material, the wall paper would look good. Any ideas how?

Re: wallpaper: butt joints separated

Sounds like whoever installed the wallpaper, stretched it to make the butt joints fit together, instead of overlapping and double cutting it.

As a result, the paper finally "shrunk" back to it's original size and left you with some pretty unsightly cracks. You've got your hands full and the only way I could think to fix it would be to use some of the same paper, lay it over the existing, double cut it, and pull off the old where you cut it. Now you've got a patch that will fit exactly in that space. It's not an easy job but you'll get better as you get the job done.

Good Luck.

Re: wallpaper: butt joints separated

Butt joints are never overlapped. You might want to check and see if the paper was stretched or if the edges are just coming loose and curling. If it is loose you can get tubes of mastic to re seal the joints at any wallpaper store.

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