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Wall to ceiling joint

I am going to be replacing the the sheetrock walls in my basement, due to the flooding. I am wondering what to do where the walls meet the ceiling. The ceiling is stucco textured, and I am sure I will never get the seem to look good. Would caulking be a good or bad idea?

A. Spruce
Re: Wall to ceiling joint

Unless there is a reason otherwise, I always leave a 2" to 6" strip of the wall intact so that the wall/ceiling joint is never disturbed. Tape your new drywall into the strip that's left behind, being careful not to goop up the ceiling. When you're done, you've got a new wall and the wall/ceiling joint was never touched.

If it's too late for that, install the wall board. Rather than taping the joint, use a fire rated caulk, then install crown molding to hide the joint. you could tape it if you're super careful not to tape out beyond what the crown will cover.

Re: Wall to ceiling joint

use L bead or J bead which ever according to your taste then caulk the line between the bead and the ceiling

Re: Wall to ceiling joint

Thanks for the advice. It is too late, the walls are gone now. They were actually stucco too. My original plan was to replace the sheetrock about half way up the wall, and put a chair rail at the seam. I was afraid of what might be lurking behind the walls, so I decided to just do the whole wall. I was surprised at how high the water soaked up into the wallboard.

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