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in wall shower

So my wife and i decided to remodel our bath room. we have a shower that is set in the wall. my question what is the best way to get measurements so i can get a install a new shower..

A. Spruce
Re: in wall shower

Not quite sure what the question is. The typical shower head height is between 5' and 5-1/2' from the floor. If you're installing a fiberglass surround, then you're drilling the hole for the shower height wherever it's needed. If you're doing tile or any other type of surround, the the same still applies, you make the hole and height where it's needed.

If you're remodeling the shower, then I'd recommend replacing the existing valve with a new valve, and because you're inside the wall, this is the perfect time to upgrade. After that, you set the shower height at whatever suits your needs.

Re: in wall shower

Ok so here is my question. i am wanting to replace my in wall shower with a one piece shower i was wondering how i can measure the shower with out having to do demo. so that way i can have the shower here and ready to install the same day that demo happens?

Re: in wall shower

One-piece molded shower stall enclosures come in either 30"x30", 32"x32" or 36"x36" sizes - if yours is tiled there is a very good chance that they didn't follow any standard size and just made it as large as they had space for.

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