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Wall Prep to rid sponge texture

I have walls in my house that previous owners did a sub-par job of applying a sponge technique. Now the walls is very blotchy.

I'm trying to sanded the first time around roughly and painted and thought that a thick coat will give me a smooth surface. On the contrary, you can still see the splotches.

I'm digging into really sand the walls, but it seems futile. Is there a better approach for smooth walls?


Re: Wall Prep to rid sponge texture

I've read that there is a bonding agent which will go over paint then allow you to plaster/spackle over all the texture. I'm hoping that it works because I have 3 different textures in the house and lots of different rooms.

Re: Wall Prep to rid sponge texture


I apologize for the horrible grammar in the original post. More often than not, my thoughts come faster than my typing.

The previous owners, in my case, sponged every inch of the walls in my bath. I cringed at the thought of having to spackle the the entire 4 walls.

Well, what I am doing now, which is painstakingly time consuming is sanding all 4 walls with 150 grit sand paper. I plan to wipe it down and then do a more thorough job of coating it with primer and then paint.

any advice or comments would be appreciated.


Re: Wall Prep to rid sponge texture

I stand by what I said. Paint will not level the surface. Not even the best primer is going to keep the layers of paint from showing through. Textured walls will require sanding, either paint or texture medium beneath paint. You could either sand all 4 walls back to bare, or sand down a skim coat to start fresh.

As far as sanding goes it's best to start out with something rough then work your way up to 150 grit even 220 grit rather than expecting a completely smooth surface with only a few rounds of 150.

You'll see in other posts, the best results in painting are achieved when you don't skip steps in the prep work.

Re: Wall Prep to rid sponge texture

Drywall topping compound can be troweled over the entire surface. It has excellant adhesion and is easy to sand. Paint itself is a very thin film and will not cover a bad texturing job.

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