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Jane Doe
Wall paper

I've decided to remodel my bathroom by myself. I know nothing but I'm learning as I go. I'm removing wallpaper from my bathroom and plan to paint. There is only the one layer over drywall and most of it came off very nicely and easily. There are only a few very small places where some thin layers of the back of the wallpaper stuck to the wall. So thin that you can barely feel the difference between the drywall and the paper. Is there any way I can just put the primer and paint over this? If not, how do I get it off?
Also, I removed some towel racks which I don't intend to replace. The person who hung them used those little metal things that go into the wall and open up and then the racks were screwed into those. (Sorry, I don't know what they are called)
How do I remove those with the least amount of damage to the wall?
Thanks for any answers!

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Wall paper

diff wall paper remover or use fabric softener, yes you got to remove it or your paint will crack up days or years later. mollys mabe from the towel racks. just push them into the wall pound on a screw driver against it with a hammer and patch the hole with spackle and sand smooth then spot prime it before you paint.

Jane Doe
Re: Wall paper

Thank you sooo much Blue Ridge. It worked like a charm!!

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