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Wall options?

We are in the process of building a new home. We are incorporating in the design of the home a 200+ yr. old barn frame and stick-framing around it. We checked with the barn restoration group as well as a timberframing builder and they both recommended we leave enough space to slip the drywall behind the beams to avoid a trimming nightmare with the drywall. We directed our contractor to follow this advice and unfortunately left town on business. Upon our return we found the contractor had not followed our instructions...citing the fact the barn was in some places over 3" off square...the house is framed in and the sub-roof has been applied. We would have preffered spaces behind the beams rather than the loss of depth of the beams, not to mention the cost associated with trimming the framing around the beams and the added cost and fear of an inadequate job on the drywall. Every beam and every brace will now have to be trimmed around without any way to tape and float around them.

Any suggestions or ideas regarding the best type of wall finish to apply? Would plaster be a better alternative? Wood is not an option.

Thank you for any help you may supply.

Re: Wall options?

Call your lawyer, the contractor failed to follow instructions and proceeded without permission or a change order. Had you been apprised of the situation you could have sought alternative solutions like applying stress skin panels.

Re: Wall options?

The damage is done and we need to go forward...the contractor is a different story for another day....any suggestions on which way to proceed for finishing the walls?

Ron remodeler
Re: Wall options?

I have masked off beams and flat taped to them using Durabond 90, not easy sand.

It works fine.;)

The disadvantage is when the beams dry out and shrink you do get seams (Just like a real post and beam house would from 200 years ago) Plastering would be the same but that the lime in the mixture can stain the beams worse than mere drywall compounds but they both are not going to grow as the beams shrink in the winter due to the dryness of heating the building.

If the fellow you hired leveled your walls instead of building them 3 inch out of level to slip drywall behind them, I wouldn't lose sleep over it myself. Personally I'd prefer the level walls, though I have done it both ways.

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