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Wall Niche

I'm going to be taking out a bedroom window for an addition on the other side. Before I close it in, I was wondering what kind of use I could make for a recessed space like that in a bedroom? Shelves come to mind first of all, but are there any other ideas for a bedroom, functional or decorative?

Re: Wall Niche

Perhaps a receptacle for power.

If the flat screen TV idea wouldn't work (too narrow?) or a tamber door for a flat screen computer monitor, if the location for a desk (you could create a window stool type extension for the opening after you remove the existing window jambs).

An inset finished location for a wall sconce? Dramatically lit art niche? A dramatic wall fountain/flat cascading water feature (also provides soothing sounds and masks noise from others)?

A medicine cabinet, the ready made ones are general designed to fit in a 2x4" stud wall (or you could build your own). You could set at a height to suit your needs (above a lady's dressing/make-up table, or above a chest of drawers), to store whatever you wish ["toys", chargers for daily docking of cell phones, pagers, blackberry's (good use of an accessible power outlet in the cabinet) watches, wallet, even fit it with tiny clear drawers for keeping jewerly, etc.] You could use a mirrored one, or face with a piece of artwork.

Another thought might be a narrow wall safe.

If it is a 2x6" wall, perhaps a built-in CD cabinet? Inset speakers and an I-pod docking station?

Might you need the space for a doorway to the addition? What is going to be the use of the space on the other side of this wall (you might need it for service feeds, HVAC, electric, plumbing?), is it going to be a part of a master suite (then maybe you'd want to keep it open)?

Re: Wall Niche

Keeping the "niche" is permanent. If you change your mind about the appearance or the use of the room, it won't be easy to change it. Ask yourself if it's something you really need or if it fulfills a lifetime dream of yours to have a permanent niche where there was once a window. I've seen a few of these opportunisitic niches and the only one that looked good or made any sense was in a shower enclosure ( you know, a shelf for shampoo and stuff). All the rest looked like former windows. I say drywall over the sucker and be done with it.

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