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Wall hung toilet advice please!

Ok, you all are going to think i'm a bit reckless or overly adventurous here. You are probably correct. But here it goes...

1 month ago I started adding a bathroom in my un-finished basement. I'm struggling with the toilet a bit. I didn't want to dig up concrete or block-up the toilet, or pay for a waste pump, so I decided to go wall hung to give me enough drop to get to the drain the other side of the wall.

Here's what I've done so far:

1. Built a 2 x 8 pressure treated section of wall from bottom plate to upper floor joists and reinforced inside with 4x4 pressure treat inside 2x8s. Used lags to tie it together. I put bolts thru the 4x4 to hold the toilet (built my own carrier). I have test mounted the toilet and I am confident a 400lb pro lineman could sit on it and it won't move.

2. The toilet: It is a used Crane. Probably 10 years old I bought for $50.

3. The flushometer: It is a 1.68 gpf flush valve by American Standard. I get about 15 GPM at 72 PSI. The GPM isn't enough, so I supplemented the system with a 5 gallon pressure tank for the toilet with a check valve that has 1.5 gallons of draw-down, all 1" pipe. I think I'm good here... If not, I'll get a bigger pressure tank.

The questions:

1. The Seal: I bought a fernco wall mount 4 inch wax-less seal that was recommend to me. I was told to use "silicon grease" on the rubber ribs when sliding it into the horizontal drain pipe. Is this the water proof plumbers grease? I've had trouble finding anything that is "silicon grease". Also, how exactly do I apply this? Just apply liberally to the rubber? Is the point to make it easier to slide into the 4 inch pipe? Seems like it will be very difficult / tight fit as is.

2. Flange or no-flange? I can't seem to find many pictures or info on this. But, I'm tempted to put a flange in on the hardy backer and tile evenly with it. Even though, it shouldn't matter right? If I don't put a flange, does the 4" drain pipe just stay flat on the finished wall? Or should it be back a 1/2 inch or what?

3. The bolts: I bought 3/8 inch diameter stainless bolts that go thru the 4X4 and the finished wall. I just have big washers and nuts on the toilet side. Is this ok? Will I be able to cover them with some sort of caps? How far out of the toilet can the bolts stick out and still be coverable by a cap? I'm also afraid I'm going to crack the toilet when I tighten them. And, that maybe the washers are going to bend. The opening for the bolts in the toilet is 7/8" which seems huge! Should I have got 7/8 " bolts instead of 3/8s?

Any advice is appreciated. I'm dead set on making this wall hung work. I think they look nicer, used less water, cost less in the end and are easier to clean. But, have been very frustrated at the lack of info and lack of availability.

Link to toilet I have: http://www.craneplumbing.com/assets/documents/crane/spec/SpecSheet_2910.pdf

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