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Re: Wall Crazy

The guy that put the rock up says he'll stand behind his work and that it won't fall but in your original post you said its loose in many places.
I can't see how nailing up durorock and not having a solid surface behind it will stand the test of time. Maybe it will, maybe it wont.
If the walls uneven because of what was taken down..and what residue of the past job wast left on the wall...well...that residue should be removed with chisels or a grinder or whatever it takes and the wall then should be skim coated with a cement leveling compound and THEN glue up the cbu with some PL Premium OR I'd personally use KERDI fabric
but I guess its kind of late and your out of $$$$$ for that.
If you're at your wits end for real I'd have a sit down with the guy that put the CBU up thats loose and talk to him about that issue and how he will resolve it otherwise there a good chance the tiles will crack. If he can cut out that area you spoke about and reinstall the cut section with a solid backing of glue clamped to the wall with bracing for 12-24 hours I'd personally feel more comfortable.
BTW,,,its not a matter of the CBU falling as the contractor suggests it won't...its a matter of the tile cracking when pressure is applied to it down the line. good luck.

Re: Wall Crazy

Thanks Andy,

I often wondered where to find that product, I saw is used on Bathroom Renovation (HGTV) Home Depot did not know what I was talking about.

I did have a talk with him. The bottom line is that he just wants to put a nail in where it is loose:( I want it done correctly. Nevertheless, I am not putting any tile on the wall until I have exhausted all of my options or that I am 100% sure that the wall is not going to fall. Push comes to shove, my son and I will have to figure out how to take the Durock down and start over. (boy will he be mad) :D

I have learned a valuable lesson.

1. Don’t contract with anyone who is not willing to be responsible for the entire job from start to finish

2. Research the project fully, i.e., installation, material, correct method. Learn everything an installer should know, or do for a correct installation.

3. Never, Ever, Ever, remodel again in life

I’m sure there are other things, but these are the ones standing out the most right now.

Re: Wall Crazy

Live and learn is all. Happens to even seasoned pros. Its a lesson in perserverance and keeping calm.Like I said maybe you can just cut across where it feels loose to start out. No reason to rip it all down all at once. Do a little at a time and see whatcha have. The Durorock is cheap so that shouldn't be an issue. Actually all the materials are pretty inexpensive. Its the labor..the planning..paying attention to common sense details. You can always come here and ask questions.
I've done miles of tiles of all kinds and shapes. Here's some pic of a recent shower I did in my own house in a bathroom I did from the framing to completion and I used the Kerdi system with the Kerdi base, drain and fabric. I also favricated my own curved foot stool and niche and did some real custom tile work using inexpensive tile. Don't ask how long it takes to do this kind of thing..
The last picture was just at the framing stage...the shower is the room to the far left above the stairwell opening.. I also did all the heat and water supply using PEX plumbing for the first time.

Re: Wall Crazy

I must be missing something. It sounds like you had the job done, something was wrong and they agreed to re tile. If they messed it up in the first place they should be responsible for make the job right . After all if you take your car in for new tires and they damage the car jacking it up, they would be responsible for repairing they car even if they don't do it themselves.

Re: Wall Crazy

Andy That looks great, is that travertine (sp)? Wanna trade bathrooms?

Jack I agree with you, Live and learn. Not done with it I am gonig to write a letter to the corporate Office.

Re: Wall Crazy

Here's a lil' sumpin' that may give you (and anyone else here that isn't aware of this site) a hair of leverage when dealing with HD. Let them know you'll be posting your complaint here --> http://www.ripoffreport.com/
if they won't honor you as a customer.
There's quite a few complaints there already as you might imagine.
If nothing else this sites fun to read especially the HD complaints.
There's even a cpl of Youtube's with a major kitchen,siding, flooring etc etc complaints that'd blow yer minds.



To be fair though...I had them just recently install some carpting in a
30x30 ft room...actually its the new great room attached to the bathroom in the pic I posted.
I watched them every step of the way JUST IN CASE...but the company that subs for them were extremely good. Thing about that is...thats all a carpet company does.....JUST installs carpet( the carpet sub/company even called me later in the day asking if I was satisfied..WOW) where a reno guy does many different things and you never know if you're getting a novice or a guy that can't make it on his own cause he pretty much sucks or what. Its a crap shoot. They DON'T have to stand behind their work...The big box does and we all know its hard to fight them..anyway...good luck.


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