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Wall coverings


I'm new to the forum and hope to get some advice.

I recently purchased a two story, two family home for investment purposes.

I’m looking for advice concerning the walls in one of the apartments. Most of the living area and the kitchen have dark brown cedar panels. I personally like the look since it makes the home a bit cozier during the New England winter months.

However, I’ve been trying to rent it for months at market rate but one of the reasons people don’t make an application (in addition to the stairs, no pets and no smoking) is that it is ‘too dark’.

So, I was thinking of brightening the place but don’t want to remove the existing cedar walls nor paint them. I have contemplated putting up drywall over the cedar (the drywall being removable at a later date) but was wondering if there is any other DIY cost effect alternatives that look good.

Any advice appreciated!


Re: Wall coverings

The drywall idea will work, but you need to decide what you want the place for and go with that. If it's investment, then you need to forget what you like and go with the current local market values. I know that's not the answer you want to hear but it's solid advice anyway. If you like the cedar enough, remove it first so you can put it up in your own home.

I'm often asked by my customers what I would do in certain situations. My answer is always "That doesn't matter- it's you who has to live with those decisions. Tell me what you want and I'll build it." I might offer some suggestions but I don't live there so my thoughts really don't matter.

You have to live with your decisions so if you want top rental income, make your decisions based on that criteria and forget what you like personally if it differs. Go for the money and hopefully it won't be vacant much longer.


Re: Wall coverings

Check on this product PLASTER IN A ROLL.
Comes in many difference textures and fabrics.
Also has some in colors.

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