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Wall Boxes carried behind toilet???

I'm putting wall boxes on the walls in my bathroom. There are two useable areas which face each other. On one of those walls is the toilet and vanity. The wall space behind the toilet is only approximately 4 feet long. My question is, do I plan on putting wall boxes on that wall too?? i'm wondering if this will look odd.

PLEASE!! Tell me what you'd do if you were putting wall boxes in.



A. Spruce
Re: Wall Boxes carried behind toilet???

Are you talking about a surface mounted "cabinet" type thing or building something into the wall, (recessed )?

For surface mounted items I would stick to just over the toilet. Anywhere else, is likely to look funny and not be really usable because of whatever is in front of/below the box.

Re: Wall Boxes carried behind toilet???

Sorry. I am putting moulding up on the wall, below the chair rail in the shape of a box. The bathroom I'm doing it in has two areas of wall space, one of which is behind the toilet tank. There is some area on either side which would be seen, but maybe 10 inches on one side and perhaps 15 inches on the other.

The wall that faces the toilet will be done with the boxes... i just wasnt sure if I should do one without the other.

Thanks for any input!


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