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wall and ceil issue's PLEASE HELP!!

my husband took the plaster off the walls because of it crummble apart....but under the plaster it is not dry wall it is wood with a concret like stuff in the cracks...what is this? it is also up on the ceilings..which he is removing because he wants to get rid of knob & tube electric wiring...so if he wants to put in new lighting and insulate..does he have to put back the thousands of peices of wood back or can he just put up drywall and plaster?????:confused:

Re: wall and ceil issue's PLEASE HELP!!

What you have is called "lath and plaster" walls. Very common in older homes from 1900 to the mid century.

No you don't have to put all that wood and cement back. Simply clean the old studding down to bare wood, do your electrical work, any plumbing you'd like, then insulate and drywall as usual. You may have some thickness issues when it comes to matching window or door casings, but they aren't huge hurdles.

Re: wall and ceil issue's PLEASE HELP!!

ok thanks you have been a big help...

Re: wall and ceil issue's PLEASE HELP!!

Close off the room with plastic so not to contaminate the rest of the house, wear a quality respirator, Keep children away (far away from the possibility of dust contact which most definitely contains lead) Use spray bottle with water to dampen debris as you demo to hold down dust.

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