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William Gorman
voles and a holly bush

I have 2 problems. Voles have taken over the front and back yards. They have made all mounds and burrows that make it difficult to walk. How can I get rid of them?
I have 3 holly bushes and 1 is losing leaves. Any ideas are appreciated. Thank you.

Re: voles and a holly bush

voles don't usually made mounds, but they will use tunnels made by moles. They will eat plant roots & kill the plant if unchecked. Besides seeing them they will make quarter sized or a little larger holes where they burrow underground.
The only way I know to control them is to poison them. The best method I have found to eradicate voles is with a poison bait called Ramik. It takes about two weeks of baiting for the Ramik to be effective. Wear gloves and place a few Ramik nuggets next to a vole hole. Do not place the Ramik down the hole or you won't know if the voles are taking the bait. You will have to re-bait every day until the voles stop taking the bait. You don't need to bait around every hole, but since you have an infestation you need to set-up bait stations throughout the infested area.
Very Important: Cover each baited hole with an inverted large flower pot saucer held down with a couple of bricks or a large rock. This will keep other animals away from the poison. Be sure the saucer covers both the bait and the hole. As always, carefully read and follow label directions.
As far as the holly goes. Stake it if loose, fertilize with hollytone & keep it well watered if the weather gets dry. If it lives it will take a while to regrow the roots eaten by the voles.

William Gorman
Re: voles and a holly bush

Thanks I appreciate the quick response.

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