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vizio tv

the dtv connector has come loose on my vizio tv, and I would like to know:
about how much would it cost to fix it
what part do I need to buy(Do I need to replace the board or can the connector be replaced with minimal effort)
where would I get such a part
the model number for my tv is E421VA
thanks in advance

Re: vizio tv

dtv means digital television, there is no dtv connector. There is a RF connector, one or more composite picture connectors and audio connectors, a set of component connectors and two or more HDMI connectors and maybe a USB connector and or an ethernet connector and a power cord.

Which one is loose?

Re: vizio tv

If it's a threaded connection with a nut, the solution is simple- tighten the nit without letting the connector twist while you're doing that. If it's soldered to a circuit board you'll need someone with experience to fix it- you can destroy things easily with too much heat which is vary easy to happen here. If it's molded into a plastic case then epoxy (I like JB weld) will effect a good cure.

What I'm wondering about is how this happened- you're not supposed to be putting strain on these connections and if you don't prevent that, there's little point in trying to fix the symptom until you fix the problem which caused it.


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