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mickey hoefer
vinyl wall papet removal

I have posted a new thread in two places, and today i cannot find either of them, is it me not knowing how to do this. i have done everything i have been told. i would like to have my question answered if possible as i need to get this room put back together. i am trying to remove old vinyl wall paper, and cannot get the paper backing to releace. is their a way to get this done and not damage the sheet rock face. Thank you

Re: vinyl wall papet removal


In getting any type wallpaper off the trick is to get plenty of moisture to the paste holding it on and to get it there rapidly enough so as to not do undo damage to the drywall. You state that you cannot get the backing off. I assume this means that you have managed to get off the outer layer upon which the pattern is printer. Such backing paper normally rapidly wets, turns dark and then releases. You must flood this backing with water. To this end, I like to use a pressurized garden sprayer filled with hot water and "Dif". Dif is an agent which aids in the weting of the wallpaper paste.

So as to not damage the flooring, I take plastic dropcloth and cut it into 4 foot wide strips. These strips are then taped slightly above the baseboard so as to prevent water from getting in back of the them and causing them to warp out. The plastic is then rolled toward the wall to form a trough from which the water running down the wall may be mopped up. Be sure to cover all electical switches and outlets with tape also. Also, take a razor blade and cut the paper above and around tape so that the plastic and tape will not be pulled off when the paper is pulled off.

As said, you must flood the paper with the hot water spray. Keep wetting it until it releases. When it releases and you are able to either pull it off or scrape it off with a flexible broadknife, immediately re-spray the wall and scrub the glue from the wall thoroughly. I would only do this to one wall at a time. Your goal is to get the paper off rapidly without unnessarily wetting the drywall. If you get too far ahead of yourself, you will not be able to keep up and the wall will dry down before you can get to it.

After removing the paper and scrubbing all the paste off, I would highly recommend priming the entire wall surface after patching and spot primeing your patches. If you are having problems getting the paper off, it is highly likely that the walls never had a good primer and paint originally. You want to seal the walls well before painting or replacing the paper.

I always hated removing paper because you never knew before you started if it was going to be a good day or a nightmare. Whether the surface over which the paper was originally hung was properly prepared is the single most important part as to how it comes down and you have no control over that.

Re: vinyl wall papet removal


Are you wetting the backing? It needs to be wet before it will release. I saw your other thread in the painting section where an inexpensive steamer was suggested. You may want to see if you can rent one.

Keep in mind that your original thread was posted on xmas day and not everyone is spending their time on the web right now :)

Mark, Painting Plymouth, MN

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: vinyl wall papet removal


finding your posts:

find your member profile. if you've logged in already you can use the quick links tab to get to it, then select the statistics tab then select find all posts. if you've located one of your posts you can left click on the member name (your own) then from the drop down menu that comes from doing so you can choose find all posts by this member.

there is only one other post from you 12-25 on this member name. if you used another name use the members list choice (blue bar that runs across the page) then when that page loads, use the search member list on the right of the bar on that page, a box will appear type in first few letters of the other screen name and a list will appear, select the name you created, get to that profile, then again use the statistics tab and from that page select the link to find all posts by that user (or the other option, select all posts STARTED by this user).

Hope that helps you find your posts. You can also subscribe to your posts, and back on your profile after you've logged in you can set your options to allow the board to notify you at your email address whenever the post strings that you've subscribed to have had activity. The email notifications will include links directly to those posts.

Back to your main topic. If the wall board that you are looking to strip of a vinyl covering was made that way at the factory (commonly used for example in manufactured homes - mostly trailers) there is no way to remove the vinyl layer withOUT damaging the wall board.

There are specialty wall paper removers for vinyl wall paper which include super strong surfactants assuming specified adhesives were used in the first place - or it was pre-pasted.

It is necessary to get the solution behind the paper - as mentioned cutting across it with a grid pattern or using a perferator or a rotary perferating tool may assist in this vain, however such activities almost always damage the wall board face to some degree, so some surface repair may be necessary.

p.s. here is a link to your other thread with the same member name:

Re: vinyl wall papet removal

Blue Ridge,

I too dislike those rotary perferating tools which tend to put thousands of holes in the dry wall paper. I have used #36 grit sandpaper to breakthrough the plastic coating which is on just about all wallcoverings these days. You don't have to get completely to the walls, but rather through the plastic coating and the printing inks which tend to repell water saturating the paper and paste. I have found that plenty of water, patience and not getting too far ahead have resulted in good results for me. The biggest mistake is to start picking at the paper before the water has sufficiently caused the paste to release. Patience!

Re: vinyl wall papet removal

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