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Vinyl Siding: Joining Two Colors

I have a second story addition that was just added on. With how the upstairs sits, I want to visually separate it from the lower floor and am going to use a different color.
Two of the four exterior walls have a natural break that will be no problem, but the other two walls are two story flat walls.

The question is, what is the best way to join the two colors of siding? My plan was to use a trim board at the joint and stain/paint it the color of my trim pieces (brown). However, I am uncertain of what goes on behind this trim board to ensure the seam will not allow water penetration.

If I join the two types of siding, how does the trim pieces sit over this w/o puncturing the siding?
If I leave a gap, how do I flash to properly be sure that water sheds correctly?

Thanks for any help!

Re: Vinyl Siding: Joining Two Colors

install a freize board at the height where the transition will take place. i would either use regular lumber then clad it with aluminum that matches the color of the rest of the trim or use azec then flash it with aluminum.. the flashing should be installed the same way as a window cap flashing goes on. it laps down over the trim then up under the house wrap above it at . from there up you can switch to harti, wood, or just a different color of vinyl that compliments the lower section

Re: Vinyl Siding: Joining Two Colors

Thanks JKirk, much appreciated.
I just want to clarify, though:
With the frieze board installed, you flash under the higher insulation board and/or vapor barrier. The flash comes down over the frieze board.

Do you take it down and over the J-Channel of the lower (in this case) vinyl siding and break a flare like a drip edge?

Then, after the flash is installed, do you/can you add a second layer of stained/painted trim board?

Re: Vinyl Siding: Joining Two Colors

the freize board should go on first for the lower siding to terminate into and it should be thicker than the j channel so to create a proper reveal. the frieze should be installed over the house wrap so water doesnt get behind but above it the flashing does get tucked behind the housewrap or foam. if your using a different color of vinyl above either j-channel or starter strip gets installed just above it allowing for the next run of siding to lock in but have no visable gap

send me a personal message and i can email you some photos of what the finished product will look like. our company does this sort of thing on a regular basis

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