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Vinyl separating from wood door

I have a name brand sliding door set where the vinyl is separating from the wood. this is occurring on the panel below the door glass pane. The door set is 17 yrs old and the manufacturer is stating that the door needs to be replaced. Other than this issue the door is in great shape. Is there a way to repair the door?

Re: Vinyl separating from wood door

Can you upload a photo? you can use a site like photobucket and give us the link, or email a photo to our moderator jlmcdaniel (put "photo" on the subject line).

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Re: Vinyl separating from wood door

a picture would help but my best guess is that it sounds like it needs replacement.

Re: Vinyl separating from wood door

You can probably fix the area, but if it failed in one spot then other areas will probably follow soon. Replace the door and check the other one carefully- it might be a good time to replace it too. If you can identify what caused the failure maybe you can mitigate that so you won't have to do this again. If the thought of possibly going through this process in 17 more years is more than you can stomach, you may just want to upgrade to a better unit and (hopefully) be done with it forever.


Re: Vinyl separating from wood door

After 17 years you got your money's worth out of that door. One would think the new doors are made better than the old ones so you'll probably get more than 17 years out of the new one.

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