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Vibrating water pipes

I have a 20 year old house and recently starting having an issue with vibrating water pipes the past couple months. The vibration starts when you shut the water off - usually from a sink or the filling of the toilet. If you turn a faucet back on (any faucet)for a second, it stops the vibration. I've been reading about water hammers and air in the pipes but can't figure out which is more likely.

any suggestions?

Re: Vibrating water pipes

I had a reoccurring problem with ringing and vibrating pipes. After doing some research I found there are pipes, at the highest point in your water system, that stand straight up, and they are capped off. These are air chambers. There should be some air trapped inside of these pipes, this acts as a cushion, for the water to push against. Over a period of time, the air is pushed out, and needs to be replaced. Turn off the main water valve, and open all the faucets in the house. This drains the water out, and allows air into the pipes, thus replenishing the air in the air chambers. Now turn off all the faucets, and turn the main water back on. This should alleviate the problem. This should be done as needed, or every few years. It sure took care of the problem for me!!

Re: Vibrating water pipes

Get a water hammer arrester. The cost about $15 and it will be good for the lifetime of your house. They are also easy to install typically at the lavatory in your bathroom.

Re: Vibrating water pipes

also a very simple fix can be that someone has shut an angle stop at a fixture and its only partionaly open. make sure all valves at your fixtures are open to full bore.

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