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Re: Very Small Solar setup
YukYuk wrote:

Depends on how doped the silicon is as to how many volts of potential are necessary to sweep the charge among other things in their design that effect the application of differently specified LEDs for different applications.

Generally, LEDs are designed to operate at 20 milliamps (mA). However, operating current must be reduced relative to the amount of heat in the application. For example, 6-chip LEDs produce more heat than single-chip LEDs. 6-chip LEDs incorporate multiple wire bonds and junction points that are affected more by thermal stress than single-chip LEDs. Similarly, LEDs designed to operate at higher design voltages are subject to greater heat. LEDs are designed to provide long-life operation because of optimal design currents considering heat dissipation and other degradation factors.

LEDs that are designed to operate at a specific voltage contain a built-in current-limiting resistor. Additional circuitry may include a protection diode for AC operation or full-bridge rectifier for bipolar operation. The operating current for a particular voltage is designed to maintain LED reliability over its operating life.

Also, static electricity and surge damage LEDs.

Anyway we are far afield of the main topic. Lets keep it simple and helpful to the original poster.

P.S. No, I haven't melted a screw driver, and yes I remember how to discharge a vac tube.

pretty much quoted from from printed or electronic source .... so ... do you understand a single word you typed?

Re: Very Small Solar setup
YukYuk wrote:

Final thought on a related subject, have you seen these items (example pic below)? I've grabbed a few of these over the few years, started with one a bit fancier mostly for setting up hunting blind (in red-light night vision mode), now have them handy for late night trips across the yard, reading maps in car during night time, late evening bbq activities, poking around in dark corners, etc. I must have about eight different ones with at least three different brand names stashed around. Have found them for as little as $7 to about $25 for the nicer multiple option light level and number of lights lit ones. They come in handy, especially if you're changing a tire in the dark.

Example of LED Headlamp

these are ok but the ones that we picked up for our installers look like a regular baseball cap but have small lights right in the end of the bill and actually put out enough light to really help when working inside of a sink base installing an undermount sink

Re: Very Small Solar setup

I have some safety glasses with LED lights on the sides . Haven't had the occasion to try them out yet .

Re: Very Small Solar setup

At my age, if you go someplace that is dark enough to use a flashlight, you fall asleep.:D


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