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Stan Macchione
Very slick Concret drive way

I have a 2 year old drive way that when it was finished the contractor sealed it with some type of sealant for better wear and protection which is good but, I have horses that I have to walk across my drive way and whether the drive way is wet or dry the cement is very slick and dangerous for the horses to walk on. I live in northern Utah which has a 4 season climate and I would like to know if there is some type of rubber paint that I can paint on the drive way and will last for several years or is there any thing else I can do to remove the slick surface from the cement?:(

Re: Very slick Concret drive way

I would suggest talking to your contractor that sealed the driveway and get the name, address and any other contact information of the product he used to seal the driveway. I would then contact the sealer company, state your problem, and listen to their solution to the problem. I think getting the information "right from the horses mouth" so to speak, (pun intended)is better than guessing.

Calcats ;)

Re: Very slick Concret drive way

Calcats is right. If you don't get a satisfactory answer from the "horses", you might try etching the concrete surface with muratic acid. I suspect it will go through the sealer but try it in an out of the way place to be sure. If it works, it should roughen up the surface effectively. It washes off with a hose, when you get a good etched surface.

Good Luck.

Re: Very slick Concret drive way

If all else fails in trying to rough up the concrete, you could get a rubber roll out membrane to put across the driveway for the horses to walk across.

Re: Very slick Concret drive way

<<< try etching the concrete surface with muratic acid >>>


The only thing I can think of is to re-seal the concrete but add sand to the sealer to offer some slip/skid resistance. Sprinkle it on..

Not sure if it will hold up but sealing concrete again isnt a bad thing.


Re: Very slick Concret drive way

Not sure if this will work with a sealant already applied, but concrete resurfacing is fairly simple to do, and if you run a broom across it while the new surface is drying, you'll get an appropriate amount of friction to make your driveway less slick.

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