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Trailor trash
Very low hot water pressure

My house has copper water pipes. How can a person detect where the block is in a copper pipe. I'm almost possitive there's only a pin hole that the hot water is getting pushed through. I realy don't want to replace all the water pipes in my mobile home but I can replace them if need be. Hopefully there is a way to find where the pin hole clog is.

Hope to here from you soon

Trailor trash:confused:

Re: Very low hot water pressure

The only way I can see doing this is to pick points along your plumbing and with the water turned off, cut the line and insert a compression elbow, i.e. an elbow with compression fittings on each end. Connect to the water supply side and leave other side open. With all faucets closed upstream of the elbow, turn the water on and see what the flow rate is out the open end. If it seems adequate, replace the elbow with a compression union to reconnect the water line and proceed on. Needless to say, this will not be easy and probably quite time consuming, but I see no other way.

I should add that line plugging is usually at a valve, i.e. globe-type valves, the type that take a few turns to close. So the first thing to do is check upstream and downstream of the shutoff valve in the line with the plug. I can almost guarantee this is where it will be. Needless to say, I'm sure you've already checked your faucet screens to be sure they're not plugged. This is relatively easy to do.


Timothy Miller
Re: Very low hot water pressure

Howdy, have you checked to see it the shut off valve on your water supply line into the trailor is not almost closed?
I would check to see it open then i would check each plumbing fixture to see if pressure same at each by turning each on and off. If all the same i would then shut the eater off at the supply valvue And remove the supply line at your side of the shut off valve to see if there is a blockage there in your pipe. Then with the pipe still off id crack the valve to see how much pressure comming into the home should be bunch so only crakc for a couple seconds with a hand over the top to deminish splash. Doing this before i would open up any other pipes...

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