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vertical corner cracks

Our rooms on the west side of our house have vertical cracks in the corners. We have re-taped and mudded, but they appear again. Anyone know of a product that might keep them from cracking again. It's time to repaint, but we're afraid it's a waste of time if the corners crack again!!!

Re: vertical corner cracks

I would suggest you get someone in to check on the underling cause. These type of cracks are usually an indication for uneven settling of the foundation, a deteriorating sill, or a spreading wall.

Re: vertical corner cracks

Thanks Jack...now the question is who do we get in to look at it? A carpenter or a foundation guy? The people who owned the house before us apparently did a lot of rehabbing on the house...even replacing some of the floor joists. I guess the house had been vacant for a time and they bought it as a foreclosure. Anyhow, I just wonder who we should call first? Any suggestions? Is this type of problem better tackled by one or the other?

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