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Vermiculite In Roof Overhangs

Does anybody know if it's OK or smart to vacuum out the vermiculite that is in our attic in the soffits/overhangs? It's an older house and it didn't have soffit venting or a roof ridge vent but we recently had new siding and a roof and ridge vent installed.

While doing the soffit/fascia job outside, the contractor drilled holes up through the old soffit boards, spilling out some of the vermiculite, before installing the new soffit venting system.

While in the attic, I started to vacuum out the overhangs but it's not a fun job and the bottom layer of the vermiculite is not loose. It's caked in and I have to dig it up with my fingers to vaccum it out. I was told that I may want to put the vermiculite back providing it doesn't plug up the newly drilled vent holes. Thank you.

A. Spruce
Re: Vermiculite In Roof Overhangs

There is no reason to remove it as long as it's not interfering with the venting. In areas where venting is present, install baffles to keep the insulation away from the vent.

Re: Vermiculite In Roof Overhangs

A. Spruce is correct. These baffles are sometimes called "attic rafter shoots" usually made out of foam at your local hardware/building center. ;)

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