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Venturi gadget seen on "What Is It?"

Please, I need to know where I can buy one of the gadgets shown on "What is it?" -- episode #1019. This episode ran in our area on August 9, 2012.

The gadget was blue plastic, and had a long tube attached. It was described as being used to remove water from a flooded basement, or such. It required no electricity; was powered by water from a hose.

I was unable to find anywhere on the TOH website to learn the name of the gadget or where it can be purchased.

If anyone can advise me, I would greatly appreciate it!


Re: Venturi gadget seen on "What Is It?"

Not sure if this is the same pump but it's what your looking for.



Re: Venturi gadget seen on "What Is It?"

Thank you, John. That's good to know about. Actually, we don't need anything automatic, which undoubtedly causes it to be pricey.

After posting my question, I Googled and found the information for the gadget featured on "What is it?" It is called the Pumps-A-Lot and is from a company called G.T. Water Products. As a new member to TOH, I am not allowed to include the URL, but Googling should find it.

I don't know yet the price of Pumps-A-Lot, but being all plastic, I'm guessing maybe $25-35. It is said to be available through many major hardware stores.

Thanks, Dorrie :)

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