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Ventless Bathroom Fan

Are these any good? We live in an old house, over 100 years old. It would be a significant job to install a vent and I'm looking for a relatively non-invasive 'fix'.

Re: Ventless Bathroom Fan

installing a ventless fan in a bathroom is 100% useless.

Re: Ventless Bathroom Fan

How about a fan-less vent?

also known as a window....:rolleyes:

A. Spruce
Re: Ventless Bathroom Fan

The point of the fan is to exhaust moisture and odors out of the space. Unless it's vented outside, all you'll be doing is recirculating it, which is pointless. Do the extra work and install a vent to the exterior. Make sure you install it properly for your local to prevent icing or water condensing and running back out of the fan and dripping on the floor.

Re: Ventless Bathroom Fan

Where exactly is the bathroom located in the home and what is beyond the walls, ceiling and floor?

Re: Ventless Bathroom Fan

Ventless bathroom fan is useless. Plan for fan with vent. Vent location as well as fan location is important. At my job place we have poorly fitted fan at the inner part of the vent. It poorly serves the purpose. We're planning to change it.
Hope my experience will help you.


Re: Ventless Bathroom Fan

Having a ventless fan is as bad as having no fan.
If you want to install a fan in your bath, it must meet today's code, that means it must have a vent to the outside.
But the best vent is of course a window.

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