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venting vaulted ceilings

We have vaulted ceilings (~15 feet) in 1/2 our house. Friends of ours have skylights that open and they say it makes a huge difference in the summer because it lets the heat out. I don't want to put in skylights, but thinking of two options that might have the same affect. 1) Change out an existing 3 x 3 foot window at the top of the vault so it opens; perhaps an awning window that opens at the top of the window, or 2) install a wall fan at the top of the vault that can suck the hot air out. The benefit of this idea is that I could put one in each vaulted room (living room, kitchen and front entrance way.)

Does anyone have any thoughts? We live in Seattle WA and only about 2 weeks of the summer is the house unbearable, although with global warming there may be more days ahead. Putting in air conditioning isn't an option.

Re: venting vaulted ceilings

It would help. However, the air leaks you'd add having a operable window or skylights may make it colder and more drafty in winter. I believe your heating season is longer than cooling, so it might ultimately work against you.

For the couple weeks you need AC, a small portable AC unit might not be a bad thing to have. Even a 9000 BTU unit might cool a pretty large area or at least remove a lot of humidity and make it more comfortable.

Global warming... well, lets just leave that topic alone.... lets just say that energy conservation is good policy. Carbon credits and sequestering CO2 in some "Interesting" ways isn't the best use of resources. :rolleyes:

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