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Venting a Portable Air Conditioner

I recently purchased a portable (stand alone) air conditioner. My problem is, because of the type of windows in my unit I can't vent it out a window as most people do, and because of my HOA rules I can't vent through a wall either. However, I've read that these portable units "can" be vented into a crawl space, drop ceiling or attic. I've decided to vent it to my attic which is well ventilated using affordable PVC pipe and do the work myself; unfortunately the diameter size required by the manufacturer is 5 inches for proper venting of the portable unit. I've looked locally (HomeDepot, Lowes, etc.) and that diameter PVC can't be found? Can anyone direct me to a local supplier (San Diego area) that would sell 10' lengths and fittings for 5 inch diameter PVC? Also, has anyone ever heard of "oval" shaped PVC so that I can put the vent in a 3-1/2 inch stud bay instead of building a chase like I'm planning to do now? Or is there some other type of material that might be better suited for a project of this type? I'm open to suggestions from anyone who's tried to do this, or has knowledge of this type of venting for a portable A/C unit?

Re: Venting a Portable Air Conditioner

You should be able to go a size up -- 6" PVC may be available. You could also use galvanized or aluminum vent pipe like that used for air ducts or dryer vents. If you used s 6" metal vent pipe, it could be squashed to fit in a 3-1/2" cavity with not too much loss of cross-sectional area.

My only concern with venting to the attic is moisture. Adding moisture to the attic is a recipe for mold and rot.

Having a restriction on venting out a wall seems ridiculous. How in the world are your bath fans and clothes dryer vented? It is quite typical for those to be vented out the wall. How would the HOA know the difference between an A/C vent and a dryer vent?

I could understand prohibiting a window-mount style A/C unit being vented out a wall; those look butt-ugly. But the type you have should be OK. I think that is probably the intent of the rules; I think if you clearly explained what you wanted to do to the HOA they probably would allow it.

Re: Venting a Portable Air Conditioner

Air-conditioner exhaust has been de-humidified. It is merely heated air which is being exhausted. These portable units usually deposit their condensate water into a resevoir which must be manually emptied. It should not be a problem dumping into the attic. In any event, I would extend the duct up to one of the roof vents and have it exhaust close to it.

I am curious why it requires a 5 inch exhaust? Those portable units I have seen only have a 4 inch flex tube coming out of the back.

Re: Venting a Portable Air Conditioner

I'd go with galvenized, and don't vent to the attic...portable ac units, old ones...have the same type vents used to move cold condenstation away from the heating mechanism in Portable Sinks.

Re: Venting a Portable Air Conditioner

I'm quite curious how this turned out. I am also considering venting into the attic (there's an auto attic fan out the top).

My condo's master bedroom has a vaulted ceiling in half the room. The other half of the ceiling is lower and has an attic above it which is where the furnace is. The central air is horrible, even with a new ac unit outside, so I want to put in a portable ac unit on a shelf about 4' from the ceiling and punch a hole through the top of the wall wall which leads to the attic.

I was going to buy a 13,000 btu evaporator type unit, which does not require emptying water out (since it will be about 10' off the floor). But that means the air into the attic would be more moist, right?

I saw that Delonghi makes (made) a two-piece ac that requires only a small 2" hole. But I can't seem to find one that is currently made.

Re: Venting a Portable Air Conditioner

I am curious why it requires a 5 inch exhaust? Those portable units I have seen only have a 4 inch flex tube coming out of the back.

Re: Venting a Portable Air Conditioner

All portable air conditioners, like any other type of ac, require venting to the outside. Air coolers do not, but are not as powerful. Air conditioners remove heat energy from the air, and must send it somewhere, or it just returns to the room and warms it up again. essay assignment help

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