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Venting a high effiency furnace near windows

Hello All,

I just had a company come in today and install a 95.5% effiency furnace (forced hot air by natural gas) My concern is where they vented it, i have a 7 year old in one room and in the next few days i will have a newborn in another room that has windows close to the vent.

Essentially there are 2 windows on the side of the house, the vent is about 3'9" away from one of the windows (diagonally) should this be a concern or am i ok?

Re: Venting a high effiency furnace near windows

Are the windows drafty and leak air? I would think the windows would be closed while the furnace is in use, no?

Re: Venting a high effiency furnace near windows

Well that is a very good point but i was thinking more for both A) in the event that they are and B) if i decide to sell the house, am i going to run into some huge code violation

Re: Venting a high effiency furnace near windows

Not sure where I saw it but it seems to me that it said a minimum of 4'. No bets on that though. Suggest you check with your locale building dept.

Re: Venting a high effiency furnace near windows

I also worry about the safety issues related to the air coming out of my high efficiency gas boiler vent. Mine is near a window as well. Keep in mind that if you have an indirect hot water heater (the water is heated by the boiler) the vent will have exhaust year round.

Re: Venting a high effiency furnace near windows

Regardless of what the codes allow (most times they require only 12" clearance from the window), I would recommend contacting the local Fire Dept.---each FD has specialist firemen whose job it is to monitor heating & venting equipment and its placement so that it is not a carbon monoxide threat, especially to young children.

The FD handles many of these calls annually & if they see a problem, will petition the city council to rewrite the town fire code ordinances.

Aside from that, it's important to get the name & model # of the furnace & check its installation manual---they're required to include a wealth of info on venting guidelines, distance from windows, doors, etc., as noted in the National Fuel Gas Code/ ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54, "Exterior Vent Placements"

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