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Hello there,
I would like to know if a mechanical ventilator over the stove and a bathroom fan ventilator constantly on even if no cooking is taking place, will it bring down humidity in appartment.

A. Spruce
Re: ventilation

Depends on the humidity differential of the air outside of the apartment. Regardless, the drop will likely be insignificant overall.

Re: ventilation

Sometimes a vent fan, even the tiny type, makes a big difference.

Example: you take a long hot shower in a windowless bathroom. When you finish, the place is very humid, so humid, that you can't see. You turn on the bathroom vent fan, and within minutes the place is clear.

To get the bathroom and kitchen really dry, use a dehumidifier. Running your a/c will get similar results.

Re: ventilation

If your goal is long term I would suggest getting a dehumidifier. Bath and stove ventilation were not meant to be run constantly for long periods of time and may overheat causing fire or premature failure. They may work as a short term measure but if you need consistent longer term control of humidity, go for a dedicated unit.

Re: ventilation

:)no it will not, get a dehumidifier or A/C

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