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Vent problem or other issue?

In January 2010 we started having problems with our toilet not flushing properly. In the early morning it would flush fine, but by about 10 am, when the toilet was flushed, the water level in the bowl would rise very high and then not all of the waste would drain out. When the washing machine drained and sometimes while taking a shower, air would bubble up into the toilet bowl. This sometimes even happened when water was not being used anywhere else in the house. We tried snaking the toilet ourselves, but this did not help. We finally called in a plumber and they used a large snake and came back with a huge clump of hair about 100 feet out in the line. The toilet worked fine again until September 2011, then we started having the same issues again. We called the plumber again and this time when they ran the snake, they did not find anything in the line. However, they said that they thought that the sewer line may have collapsed somewhere near the house and would need to be replaced. We dug up the line and found the area that they indicated, however, it was not a collapsed line, there had been a repair made previously to the spot, replacing the cast iron pipe with PVC. The toilet worked fine for about 3 weeks, but now it is acting up again. It will flush OK, two or three times, after that when it is flushed, either the bowl does not fill to the correct level, or the water rises too high and then does not go back down to the correct level. Usually overnight the water level in the bowl goes back to where it should be. My husband discovered some insulation in the vent pipe that comes out of the side of the house yesterday. Could it be that the clogged vent is causing the problem?

Re: Vent problem or other issue?

Not sure what vent pipe is coming out the side of the house, unless you have a house trap. Which could be the cause of your problem. A picture would help.


Re: Vent problem or other issue?

I don't have an answer....I do have the same problem though.

I just had the sewage pipe "snaked" from the cleanout in the basement to the septic tank. I had the septic guy pump out the tank today, it was NOT full.

The septic guy said the pipe may be clay pipe and could have collapsed, I am going to dig it out tomorrow and replace it with PVC (it connects to cast iron out of the house).

Both the Septic guy and the Roto-Rooter guy don't think my problem is a vent issue, I asked them that. The problem HAS to be in the 20 foot pipe from the foundation to the septic tank.

I guess your issue is probably not a septic system but the problem sounds the same.

I would like to hear some responses, perhaps I can get some insight into my problem also.

Thanks everyone.

Re: Vent problem or other issue?

You need a camera inspection. It's not terribly expensive and is worth the money. This inspection will reveal what you can't see.

Your sewer vent should be on the roof, not on the side. And to answer your other question: a clogged vent can disturb the water flow in the sewer.

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