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Vent fan location

I am looking at installing a bathroom in my basement. The tricky issue, or at least the one I am asking about here, is that there isn't an easy way to run a vent fan. The basement is a walkout, but the bathroom would be located on the other side of the basement, so it would be difficult to run vent pipe from one end to the other. On the below grade side I'd have to drill through the foundation wall to vent out (and it is a brick face above the foundation wall).

My one thought is that the dryer vents through the concrete already...but I could foresee some problems hooking up to the existing vent...for instance blowing hot air from the dryer in to the bathroom. Is there any way to hook up to that vent and use a 1-way trap/valve/damper? If so, would this likely meet code?


Re: Vent fan location

It sounds to me like you may be better off to rent a core drill from a local rental place and cut a hole in the brick or foundation. If you go to the rental store and tell them what you need to do they should know what you need. Otherwise you may able to run it through the dryer vent but you can run into other problems like the dryer blowing hot humid air into the bathroom or the bathroom blowing humid air into the laundry room. You could probably use a damper system but then you might run into problems like the bathroom not exhausting while the dryer is running or the damper getting stuck from dryer lint or dust buildup from the bath and then its pointless to have.

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