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Vent fan filter?

My new neighbor loves to smoke in his bathroom with the bath fan on. Not a big deal, but we live in a condo and apparently the developer cut corners, because his cigarette smoke smell fills my house every time he lights up.
We've narrowed down the issue to the bath fan- it looks like we share an exhaust with this neighbor.

I just remodeled my bathroom last year, so I don't want to do any tearing down of walls... Is there anything I can do to block his smoke from entering my house?
I was thinking of some sort of filter.
Turning on my bath fan tends to clear the air, but I'd rather not have to leave my fan on 24/7.

Re: Vent fan filter?

Let me get the facts straight first.

There is one main duct servicing both, your neighbor and your bathroom?

and you both have individual fans mounted within your own bathrooms?

Re: Vent fan filter?

Yes, that appears to be the case. We can hear his vent fan turn on and then start smelling his cigarette smoke in the bathroom.

It appears that the bathrooms each have their own vent fan, but share a single duct and exit from the building.

Re: Vent fan filter?

Unfortunately there is no damper in the system to restrict airflow in your direction. Sounds like a very poor installation (low cost) job. Normally there would be an exhaust unit at the end of the line drawing the air out. Instead you have individual units blowing air into the duct and out avenues of the least resistance.

Panasonic makes very high quality exhaust fans that are VERY quiet and run continuously at a low cfm rate, with the purpose to constantly vent a room. They run very efficiently and you won't even know it's running.

The other option is to install some type of damper but smoke has such a nasty stench I doubt that would work. Besides you would need to get to the duct work.

Possibly your least expensive approach would be to approach the board and explain the situation. Tell them the developer failed to install proper duct/venting. Do you have a good relationship with your neighbor? just asking him could solve your problem

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