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Quote: "Mid 90's here but it was 117 in Needles Friday. "But its a dry heat" on many tee shirts there. Dry or not, that is HOT."

The Southwest is not as dry as it used to be anymore.

Our thermometer shows 110 in the shade (the news media says it's 95), and the humidity gauge shows 75%. Used to be in the 25% range just a few years ago. Another Mexican import.

Re: Vegetable Garden Report

The garden is winding down, time to start prepping some of the beds for next year. Harvested the sweet potato row, only got about 20 tubers. Looks like the sonic mole chasers didn't chase off the mice and voles, they got more sweet spuds than I did. My neighbor told me that my soil is too good for them. Good soil produces a lot of leaves and vines, poor soil produces tubers. I got lots of leaves and vines.

The tomatoes are done, have been for awhile. It wasn't a good year for them.

Most of my artichokes died, but I still have 6 good plants. They didn't get very big. I'm going to make a hoop house for them and hope they survive the winter. I'm also going to remove most of the wheat straw, it seems to hold too much moisture against the base of the plant and causes it to rot.

The purple hull peas did goo but they are done now. In early August, I planted some butter beans (brown speckled lima beans) and the plants are doing good. Lots of pods but they haven't filled out yet.

Most of the strawberries I planted died, but the remaining few put out a lot of runners and now the beds are covered in plants. I'm going to move them to a bed next to the house. I didn't plant them there at first because I needed to replace the porch railing on that side of the house. It's done now so time to get out the tiller and prep the bed. Haven't decided whether to transplant this fall or wait till spring.

The blackberry plants really multiplied so they need to be transplanted where the strawberries are now.

The asparagus made a big comeback this summer. Nice big plants, should have plenty this spring.

All my knock-out roses died from witches broom. So much for easy care. I'm going to have pull them out and either burn them or haul them to the landfill where they will burn them. The sterilize the soil before I plant anything else there. The Iris bed looks good though, should have a nice spring show.

I spared some of the suckers from the cherry and plum trees. Another neighbor wants them so I'll dig them up in Feb.


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