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vegetable garden for my cabbage soup diet!

i have been at the borderline between obesity and the NORMS as what others might call it. Technically ,because i ma at the borderline , i look fat...I AM FAT!!! really fat!! but somehow i found it in my heart to change my life and so i did! i started this weird cabbage soup diet! hahaha!! but the thing is i dont like to go to the grocery and so i decided to create my own 5 plot garden with pechay and cabbage of course and lots and lots of veggies! the thing is, that having a garden really helps you not only through budgeting the money at the house. now my garden is going to be a ten plot garden, at my backyard!

Re: vegetable garden for my cabbage soup diet!

Congratulations for trying to do the right things.

Growing your own veggies is not only a source of fresh, cheaper vegetables and rewarding, it also makes you exercise, work outdoor, breathe fresh air, get away from th TV and more. And if you don't use any chemicals, your vegetables will be better tasting and organic.

Please send photos of your garden soon!

Re: vegetable garden for my cabbage soup diet!

oh darn! the garden will have to wait a Japanese style veranda will be setup instead of a garden! :( i'd still send a photo of the garden!

Re: vegetable garden for my cabbage soup diet!

Well it is kind of late to set up a real garden in the United States. If you live elsewhere then you could always have a garden elsewhere and maybe in pots instead of in the ground a great deal less work and can be very rewarding. I applaud you for trying to lose weight it is always an uphill battle but hope you will consider eating fish and turkey as both are very low fat sources of protein. I wish you much success!

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