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Vegetable Garden Fencing?


We're starting a garden for the first time and want to put up a cheap wire fence (to keep costs down) so we can keep out pests, but we have everything ranging from chipmunks to deer. What height fencing and size aperture should we be looking at? The various options at Home Depot were bewildering. Also, will fencing even keep out chipmunks or will they just climb it?

We're not planning on a large space, maybe 30'x20' or even 20'x20'. It seems like anything big enough to keep deer is going to have gaps too large for small mischief makers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


A. Spruce
Re: Vegetable Garden Fencing?

Squirrels and chipmunks don't generally cause problems in a veggie garden, so I wouldn't worry about trying to keep them out, which would be a losing battle anyway. Deer can go over an 8' to 10' fence if they're properly motivated, instead I would recommend using deer repellent or even human male urine sprinkled around the perimeter.

As to the fencing to use, it will depend on the other types of critters that will be prone to getting in there. Chickens? Livestock - if so, what kinds and sizes? What other kinds of dogs, cats, and animals we talking about?

Re: Vegetable Garden Fencing?

Well, that's good to know about the chipmunks. Nothing like pets or livestock or anything. More on the order of rabbits, voles, raccoons, I think I've seen a hedgehog or two... Your standard New England woodsy type animals.

My wife wants to do some kind of two layer system with a big fence for deer and then a smaller mesh around the base for the cute and fuzzy types, but I think that might be overkill?

A. Spruce
Re: Vegetable Garden Fencing?

I come from farm country and we had every farm critter imaginable, as well as a good selection of wild furries. The only things that were a problem were the cows that liked to mash the fence over, deer that would jump the fence, and moles/gophers that liked to dig and tunnel everywhere.

For the cows we installed a secondary electrified wire, keeping them off the primary fence. For the deer we used repellent and dogs which worked pretty well. As I mentioned, human urine, male in particular, will also work to deter deer. Hanging flashy objects like used CDs and cellophane ribbons and installing motion sensor lighting helps too. Moles and gophers were trapped or shot, sometimes we could coax a cat to sit watch over an open hole, though not often.

So, for your primary fence, I would recommend 4' or 5' high wire fencing with a 2" x 4" mesh. That will be tall enough with a small enough mesh to keep out most critters. If deer don't get the hint, install a secondary fence 4' to 5' inside the primary fence, and put a medium to large dog in it. This will give the dog a run area where it can police the perimeter and keep most unwanted critters out.

Re: Vegetable Garden Fencing?

The only critter problems I've had has been voles tunneling through my sweet potatoes and raccoons getting my corn just before I get to it. Squash bugs have always been my worst pest. If you find a fence for them, let me know.

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