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Vapor barrier mistake

First time remodeler. I am going to make myself sound stupid.

I am remodeling my bathroom. When hanging the vapor barrier, I assumed that it was not to collect moisture and drain it back into the tub, but to simply protect the insulation behind it. So when installing the vapor barrier, I was not aware I needed to overhang the plastic over the lip of the tub. Instead, I tucked it down behind the tub between the tub and the studs. I didn't tape it off where I stapled holes in it, and it doesnt go all the way down to the floor, as I couldn't access behind the tub. I have since hung up all the hardibacker and cemented and taped all of the corners, seams, and joints. So now, any moisture that finds it's way through the wall onto the vapor barrier will drain onto the floor of the second floor bathroom. I am wondering what to do to adress this. Should I tear it all back out and fix the issue? Should I leave it and coat the entire area with a liquid barrier like aquadefense? If I do use aquadefense, am I going to have a problem with trapping moisture between two vapor barriers? Will trapped moisture not be a problem because of all the holes from staples, screws, and gaps in the plastic? What should I do? I would prefer not to pull the hardibacker off the wall, but if that's truly what I need to do..

Any advice is appreciated!

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