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Vanity drain stopper

Hi All:

I've got an issue with one of the stopper sin my double bowl vanity sink: the stopper will not move up and down when the lever behind the faucets is moved. I investigated this today, and it appears there's nothing in the drain for the hook on the end of the stopper to attach to. Does this mean that the rod inside the drain is likely broken and that I'll have to replace the unit?


A. Spruce
Re: Vanity drain stopper

On the back of the sink drain just below the stopper you'll find a lever that is held in place with a nut. remove the nut and the lever comes out of the drain. Inspect the lever for damage, replace if necessary. Inspect the stopper that the bottom isn't broken or damaged, replace if necessary.

If you look at the bottom of the stopper, you'll see there is a loop. This loop is what the lever engages through. Also notice that this loop is off-set to one side, when you install it, make sure the off-set is towards the back of the drain.

Drop the stopper into the sink drain with the loop to the back. Stick the lever back into it's hole in the back of the drain, making sure to engage it through the bottom of the stopper. Reinstall the keeper nut and snug it up enough so that the drain neither leaks nor the stopper is able to close itself. The tighter you make the nut, the stiffer the actuation lever will be. Reattach the plunger rod to the lever. Test your work.

Re: Vanity drain stopper

Thanks for the reply, AS. I'm going to tackle this today; it's a good day for inside projects with the pouring rain.

Re: Vanity drain stopper

Nice job Spruceeeeeeeeeeee

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