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Valspar color changing ceiling paint in bathroom

We painted our master bath this weekend and I decided to use that color changing ceiling paint by Valspar. It goes on purple but dries white. Well, low and behold when we take a shower the steam from the water turns the paint back to the purple color and then dries back to white.

I looked on the can and it says nothing about not using it in a bathroom so my question is should I get a normal paint and redo the ceiling so it stops this? Does it matter? I am worried about it soaking up the moisture. I did use the Zinsser 123 primer under the paint.


Re: Valspar color changing ceiling paint in bathroom


I am not familiar with the Valspar version of this type paint, but several manufacturers have variations of the color changing ceiling paint. What all "ceiling paints" have in common is that they have a dead flat sheen. Flat paints are by nature very porous with rough surfaces which scatter the light rays in all directions, rather than straight toward your eyes. This is why they appear flat. This porousness is why they are generally unsuitable for bath areas. They allow moisture, dirt and mildew to penetrate deeper into the paint film. I personally would re-paint the ceiling with a higher sheen paint meant for high moisture areas such as kitchens and baths. I would follow the manufacturers instructions, but doubt that re-priming would be neccessary. I am surprised that Valspar would not have warned about using it in bath situation.

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