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Vacant lot for a backyard

I would like some advice on how to revitalize a yard. I purchased my home in October 2007. It was a rental that was foreclosed on and the tenants didn't take very good care of the lawn. Almost everyday since moving in I've picked up or dug out trash that's been imbedded in the dirt of my backyard. Hair beads, checker pieces, roofing material, even an old toilet seat have been implanted one way or the other in my yard along with bottle caps, broken concrete and shards of plastic.
I would like to make my "vacant lot" into a yard again but I'm unsure what to do after getting rid of most of the trash. It's heavily wooded by a giant willowtree with overgrown branches and is uneven.

With spring and summer fast approaching what can I do to spruce things up? What kind of grass can I use that will tolerate the shade? All opinions are appreciated.:)

Re: Vacant lot for a backyard

it sounds to me you want some grass. being jin central alabama most grass actually need shade since the summer heart can be so oppressive. also think about a drought resistant variety. there are several on the market now. look at a home depot or lowe's in denver, colorado and order online. The trash is going to keep "coming throught" with the freezing and the warming and bacxk and forth. you can add a load of dirt or 3 to add some to the yard. but, then you will have mud until the grass comes in. Good luck. Proccess of elimination.

Re: Vacant lot for a backyard

I called my aunt, she says she has

Turf Type Tall Fescue (TGS blend)
Knowing that over half of the homes in any city have trees, we set out to find a shade loving grass that would provide an green lawn year-round. We have developed our own fine blend of fescue seed that will make any home-owner proud. Water is essential for fescue grass as well as special care in fertilizing and mowing.


Meyer Zoysia
Meyer Zoysia is a carpet-like grass that will tolerate slightly more shade than the Bermudas, but it is much slower at spreading than Bermuda. Zoysia has a dense root system and to maintain the best appearance, clippings need to be picked up while mowing. Due to its extreme hardiness, it is being used more and more on golf courses as well as fine homes. Regular watering, mowing and fertilization make this an outstanding lawn grass.

I pulled the descriptions off of the http://www.tulsagrass.com/ who seeded her yard.

Re: Vacant lot for a backyard

You could speed the clean-up by tilling 4-6 inches deep, and physically picking up the debris. Tilling will also loosen the top layer to allow easier leveling and contouring for proper drainage. May wish to add some soil where needed.

Grass selection depends on your area, but I personally would avoid grasses not native to your area. Seed and fertilize, then water well to get it started.

Re: Vacant lot for a backyard

I like the idea of using a french drain. But has anyone had any issues with tree roots during the process? I have a several trees in my yard.

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