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utility sink does not drain well

I finally got to install a utility sink I purchased from HD. I say "finally" as it took a while to do all the plumbing, venting, wall build etc. So after all of that I was pretty excited to make the final connections and start using it.

I even spent a bit more to get something I thought would be nice. Here is the one I bought:


So the problem is the basin does not drain well. I tried tilting it around ( to make up for not being level) and still could not get the water to all make its way down. I checked the tail piece to make sure I was not pushing up from below making the drain hole higher than the surround surface of the basin. Here are my two guesses

1. I used putty around the ring at the bottom of the basin. It does not look like I used a crazy amount and most of it did extrude out. Maybe that it causing the ring to sit too far up?

2. The bottom of the basin has bowed up for whatever reason

Has anyone experienced this before? I was wondering if I put some weight in the basin and let it sit for a while maybe the shape of the basin would creep into something more like it should look.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Re: utility sink does not drain well

Is it possible the drain pipe is pushing upon the sink causing the bottom of the sink to deflect upwards.
Was the bottom bowed up when you got it. If so it is a defect.

Re: utility sink does not drain well

Can you post a picture of under the sink and drain connection.

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Re: utility sink does not drain well

posting a picture of the drain hook up and where the drain goes into the wall might help.

i'm guessing, remember i said guessing, that the tee in the wall is up too high. does the top of the trap sit tight against the bottom of the basket strainer? if that's the case you might not have the proper pitch of the waste pipe from the trap to the tee in the wall. this could cause the dink to drain fine until you get to the bottom few inches of water in the sink, then it would drain more slowly and when it's done draining you might have an inch or less of water sitting in the sink. these sinks are deeper than normal so all the in-wall plumbing has to be lowered.

a picture of this would help

Re: utility sink does not drain well

I will put a picture up later today. Just a few comments

1. I looked at the comments at the HD link to the sink I bought. It would seem this "feature" is a common issue

2. The drain pipe into the wall is lower the the basin bottom. I think I got that right.

3. The tail pipe is not pushing up on the bottom of the basin.

If I am stuck with this sink I was thinking of putting some weight onto the center of the basin and maybe put some heat to the structure. It looks like the basin is cast resin without fibers. I am hoping maybe the flat bottom will "sag" a little bit working in my favor. Does this approach sound silly?

Re: utility sink does not drain well

Maybe your drain pipe is partially blocked, or your rough in was too high the correct rough in for a laundry tub is 12 inches off the floor.

Re: utility sink does not drain well

It sounds reasonable to me, but I think it's a poorly designed product if that is a common issue. Too bad since it looks like nice utility sink.
If you heat it with the weight, I would disconnect the drain pipe to allow it to sag. Are you thinking a heat gun that's used for stripping paint? I would be careful, but I doubt a hair dryer would do much, but who knows.
I might be best to take off the tail piece or at least reset it after the deed is done.
I'm thinking a couple of 50 pound weights from that weight set in the basement that doesn't get used much anymore would be good.:)

Re: utility sink does not drain well

Here is a link to the pictures


I contacted the company that makes the basin but no one has called me back.

I was not sure what kind of heat to apply in order to get the basin to sag a little. The whole idea seems kind of far fetched....but not sure what else to try.

Re: utility sink does not drain well

Check the PITCH of the drain pipes (not visible in the photos you posted) after the trap---they must all have a DOWNWARD PITCH, even if it is only a fraction of an inch, & must be open, no blockages all the way to the main drain.

Take a small spirit level & place it on the top of the plastic drain pipe at various points to check for a slight downward pitch all the way to the main drain.

Re: utility sink does not drain well

You may have a partial blocking in your drain line. Try snaking the line past the trap and see if your drain improves.

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