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Utility room with slab foundation

I have a utility room built on a slab foundation right next to my house (which has a proper crawl space and foundation). The slab is level with the ground outside and the studs and siding sit on it, which causes moisture problems for the wood of the studs and siding. I am thinking of tearing down the utility room and pouring a concrete outline to raise the studs above the ground, but that would be very costly. Are there alternatives?

Re: Utility room with slab foundation

If it's a matter of drainage then something like asc2078 described might be an alternative.

If this is simply a matter of wood in contact with concrete then perhaps use a sill seal or other material for isolating the bottom sill from the concrete. This will prevent the wood wicking moisture from the concrete and causing rot.

Or perhaps you might use concrete blocks and mortar for the curb. Though you would need anchors from the slab up through the blocks to fasten the walls down.

Just a thought.:)

Re: Utility room with slab foundation

Thanks asc2078 and canuk. It's a combination of water seeping in because the slab is level with the ground, and the wood getting wet because of contact with the slab. Little water comes in, but over time, I think the studs and the particle board under the vinyl siding will rot. I'll try the sill sealer for now. It's a shame that it was not built properly in the first place.

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