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Using a single junction box for different circuits?

This is a very basic question for the sparkys reading this forum:

Is it acceptable to run different circuits through one junction box? :confused:

By different circuits I mean completely separate wiring not sharing a neutral and protected by different breakers. The only wires physically connected between the two would be the bare bonding wires inside the junction box. The reason one might do this would be because of accessibility or logistical issues where there is only room for one box. The junction box would still be live unless both breakers were tripped off. What if the box cover was clearly labelled that it contained two circuits? What if the breakers were tied together using a cross bar?

I've been trying to research an answer, but I have not been able to find anything definitive. Is it permissable to do this? Thanks in advance to the forum.

Re: Using a single junction box for different circuits?

No problem.

Re: Using a single junction box for different circuits?
kentvw wrote:

No problem.

I agree with the Kman:D
If you are using a new 4square box, purchase the deepest box possible. Or buy a box extender that matches the present box.
That helps in folding over the cable after you make up your pigtails. And Sharpie all the info you might need later on the blank cover plate. What the circuits feed, on which floors, and the breakers they are tied into.

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