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Using rough cut lumber for decks

I have a number of trees on my property and have used trees that needed to be cut down for furniture, tables etc.
I have a few trees that came down in a storm and I'm going to take them in to be cut into lumber. My questions is this: I have a large deck that needs work, I would like to use the wood from the trees to replace all the top boards on the deck. The wood will be cut by a band saw and in the past the wood barely needed much sanding. I have white oak, ash and hickory trees. What is the best way to treat it? And has anyone done this before?

Thank You

Re: Using rough cut lumber for decks

Exposed wood needs to either be naturally rot-resistant of pressure-treated with chemicals which will help stave off wet rot. If your oak is high-grade you might find it worth more sold to the mill than for use in this manner. Alternately you could use it for decking if it is painted or sealed but you'll then need to maintain that treatment regularly. Around here, logging companies will work a deal to clear all your deadfalls giving consideration to the lumber value so sometimes you can make money while getting your mess cleaned up for free.


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