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Using floor epoxy

We have recently had to tear up the carpeting in our basement because of pet urine problems and are currently looking for a flooring solution that would prevent future damage. We are considering painting the floors with epoxy but have some apprehensions. The major concerns are the prep work -- the use of harsh chemicals to clean and etch the concrete -- and the durability of the epoxy.

Is epoxy the best answer to our flooring problem (getting rid of our pet is not an option) and what are some of your experiences using epoxy inside the home (not in the garage)?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Re: Using floor epoxy

The epoxy would be a good solution against future staining or odors from the pet but you're right, you'd have to prep the floor. You might want to visit a website and do some reading on the subject. I'm sure you could find something there.

I don't know if you're concerned about esthetics but you could always install a clay tile floor. Get one that's glazed. You'd still have a little problem with the grout getting stained but just a thought...

Good Luck.

Re: Using floor epoxy

Are you planning on putting carpet back over the slab? If so a good concrete sealer should take care of any odors in the slab. I'm not even sure a sealer would be needed, but it wouldn't hurt.
Or you could put down a vinyl tile if you want a fairly impervious to pets, but attractive floor finish(least expensive).
If the slab has a lot of moisture in it tile or epoxy could be problematic.

Re: Using floor epoxy

We will eventually want to recarpet the basement, but do not know how long that will be, because we want to make sure we don't have any pet damage once we do. In the meantime, we are looking for a flooring solution that looks good, but also works with our pet problem. We thought floor epoxy because it seemed like an easy solution, but we are also considering vinyl tile. From what I have read on floor epoxy, it does not look good for very long. The other problem is I cannot find any safer alternatives to the floor cleaners and etchers suggested in guides for using floor epoxy, they just mention that they are out there.
Does anyone know of any safe(r) products to use in prepping the floor for epoxy? The prep work is a big factor because our basement floor was always meant to be covered with carpet, so it is spattered with kilz and varnish that will need to be removed.
I am worried that we will invest a lot of time in prepping/painting our floor and end up regretting it. Does anyone have personal experience with epoxy?

Thank you for your time!

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