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used indoor paint on outdoor bench

i wanted to repaint the old bench on my patio and make it look like new. i went to the local paint store and the guy told me to sand the wood down, clean it off and use Ultimate Zar Plus. it is a wood stain and polyurithane in one. he said it would save me a step. however, my uncle came by to look at the bench and he said that Zar plus is for interior wood. i spent 4 hours sanding and painting this bench and dont want to have to redo this again. i would assume it would take a lot longer to sand it this time. is there anything i can do to save me some time? can i just apply a sealant to weather proof it? i really like the color and would like to keep it.

Re: used indoor paint on outdoor bench


Interior polyurethanes differ from exterior spar urethanes in two ways: Exterior urethanes have UV blockers to slow the sun's deterioration. Secondly, spar urethanes have a more flexible film which allows it to flex with the more extreme temperatures and humidity found outdoors.

My advice? Give your bench a coat of an exterior spar vanish after a thorough scuff sanding of the existing varnish. When scuff sanding, be careful not to sand through the varnish/color. Stripping the bench again is too much work! Save that for next time.

I would not have used the ZAR type stain/finish. Beside the fact that it is interior rated, when you scratch the bench, both varnish and color come off, leaving the natural color of the wood showing. Also, normal wear will cause the varnish and stain color to show. A traditional stain penetrates deep into the wood and is more resistant to showing wear.

Re: used indoor paint on outdoor bench

thank you. you were very helpful

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