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Use Drylok or latex paint?

Getting different advise about whether or not to use Drylok in bulkhead area. Drylok is used to seal against mositure. I just recently lifted my house and added 3 feet of concrete to the existing foundation. I'm in the process of having new basement steps made and it was suggested that before they are put in I should paint that area with Drylok. Another contractor said I should use a latex paint so that the concrete can breath/ continue to cure. He says that the tar on the outside seals against moisture and if I paint the inside with Drylok I will be harming the the foundation.

No sure what to do.

Re: Use Drylok or latex paint?

You mention that 3 feet of concrete was recently added but not specific as to how recent and if this added height is above the ground level outside.

I would have to agree in part with the second contractor in that the concrete is still curring but would have to say not applying either latex paint or Drylok at this time.

Like the one contractor says as the concrete is curring it has to breath ... this allows moisture from the concrete mix to evacuate and is a natural part of the curring process.

Since the purpose of Drylok is to form a moisture barrier this would hinder the curring and the natural evacuation of the moisture from this process. As he said if you have a tar based moisture barrier on the outside you shouldn't need the Drylok.

Latex paint will breath but if is applied to a moisture laden area the paint will fail.

Let the concrete cure and allow the moisture level to stabilize. If possible wait till next spring/summer if you want to paint the concrete.:)

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