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Upstairs TOOO hot!!!

I have my heat set at 69, the upstairs gets up to 80!

The upstairs vents are all closed.

The house is a 1.5 story, it has a great room that has a cathedral ceiling that is open to the loft area that is a rec. room and it has two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. Downstairs has the master bedroom. The great room, dinning room and kitchen are all open under the cathedral ceiling. The kitchen floor (vinyl)feels ice cold. What can I do to fix this problem?

Other info...the house is brand new, house is on a slab, the furnace is upsatirs.

Re: Upstairs TOOO hot!!!

Hot air rises ... do you have ceiling fan or two for the open great room ?

Re: Upstairs TOOO hot!!!

No ceiling fan yet. That is my next step.

I think my biggest problem is the cold air intake that is by the furnace (upstairs) is pulling the hot air upstairs even worst than hot air rising alone. I have a fan upstairs sitting on the half wall that overlooks the great room, its blowing towards the downward slope of the ceiling. I hope that helps until I can get a ceiling fan installed.
Question about the ceiling fan??? I know the ceiling fan will pull down the hot air...but...I feel like it will create a cool breeze from the fan. Will it feel cool or warm?

Re: Upstairs TOOO hot!!!

Hold on there ... I missed that the furnace is upstairs.

This is an issue having the furnace upstairs since it's very difficult to warm the lower level because ... warm air rises.
It's somewhat counter productive having the furnace at the highest level and trying to move heated air downward ... that explains why it's uncomfortably cool lower down and too warm higher up.

I have to agree having the return duct up high close to the furnace is not beneficial.
It might help to provide the return ducting from lower down ... drawing the cooler air from the floor area and helping to draw some of the heat that naturally will be higher up downward.

As for the ceiling fans ... depends on the speed as to how drafty.

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