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Upstairs of house oscilates/ moves-help me solve this!

I live in a 100 year old home that was rehabbed in 2008. Recently(past 6 months) three of the 5 bedrooms on the second floor feel an oscillation(back and forth movement) with no detectable cause. it happens irregularly(when people are moving about, no one but me at home, no one source seems to cause it, it just happens). I have no been able to find any similar problems online. There is slight floor bounce, but the floors are solid.

What could be cause of this, and how can I remedy it? it needs to be fixed because it is disturbing. What can be reinforced/braced to prevent this?

Re: Upstairs of house oscilates/ moves-help me solve this!

I must say I haven't encountered an oscillation ( back and forth ) such as you describe. The first thing that came to mind was the mention of the rehab. Now depending what that entailed leads one to suspect perhaps some structural weakness either in the floor structure or the top floor ceiling/attic structure.
Were any walls removed or opened on the the main level?
Is this a balloon framed home?
Do you live on a busy street with lots of heavy traffic?

Re: Upstairs of house oscilates/ moves-help me solve this!

There was a wall removed downstairs that opened up the living room into one large room. The wall removed was about 14'(the width of the room) that wall was underneath the master bed room(my room and I feel the moving in there). The renovation plans say three joists were replaced one in the kitchen and two on the front porch. The rehab also widened one door and closed in another on the main floor.(also under master bedroom). Supposing this is the cause, what might be a solution?(please bear in mind the oscillation/ movement is perpendicular to the wall that was removed)

It is not balloon framed, to the best I can tell its framed like modern houses.

There is heavy traffic on my street in the mornings when people go to work. I have noticed some shaking when a really large dump truck speeds by, but not for normal traffic.

I would post a pic of the house plans, but I cannot reduce the image file size to the forum standard of 19kbits, its a 3.5mbits file.

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