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upgrading 100 am service

Recently had a home inspection and learned the home's existing 100 amp service can't be expanded. Inspector recommended upgrading service.

Before I start calling around for quotes, was hoping one of the many experts out there could give me a ballpark figure on such. This is a 1960s ranch - there's also no GFCI outlets (mostly older two prongs).

Re: upgrading 100 am service

Upstate NY, 5 years ago I replaced my 24 space, 200 AMP service panel(load center) (because of water damage) with a 225 AMP load center that has 42 breaker positions (we have electric heat).

Adding 3 arc fault breakers (for bedrooms-current code), about 12 more breakers (the load center came with 21 and the main breaker), and installing a whole house surge protector cost me about $1200.

I had an electrician do it (licensed) all but added the surge protector shortly afterwards myself.

I have a Cutler-Hammer panel, only because parts are readily available for it in our area. I am satisfied with it.

I am no expert, but I would go for 200 AMP service and buy the largest load center (in terms of breaker capacity) you can readily get. Who knows where in the future demands for electricity will be and larger load centers really aren't that expensive.

Good Luck!


Re: upgrading 100 am service

Depending on where you live, $1,200 may be a bargain, and a good one.

Call at least 3 contractors for bids and go for a panel with readily available breakers in your area.

Re: upgrading 100 am service

Be sure that any bid includes the cost of the utility company hooking up new wires as well. When I upgraded to a 200 amp service from 100 amps a few years ago I think it was about $200 for the utility company to do their part. The rest was done by a family friend who was a licenced electrician so it was just the cost of materials and beer since him and my father used to trade work so I can't say for sure how much the whole thing will cost.


Re: upgrading 100 am service

Got a quote today:

"Upgrading a service from 100 amp to 200 amp will cost about

But I suspect there's an additional per-outlet charge for changing over every two-prong outlet to a three-prong, to install GFCIs in the kitchen and bath, and to tend to all the loose wires and grounds.

So it starts @ $1350 and goes higher ....

Re: upgrading 100 am service

Not a bad bid. Just make sure that it includes the permit and all of the power company charges.

Outlets are extra of course. Try to have them included, he may agree.

Re: upgrading 100 am service

Crylakel, will the job be inspected and to what Code? Many jurisdictions now follow 2011, which is much more expensive than 2008.

Good Luck from Wilsonville, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon, http://thesemi-retiredelectrician

Re: upgrading 100 am service

Those prices would be a great bargain in my fair city. The last panel we had upgraded from 100 to 200 was in the $3000 range. This included new wires from the pole to the house, a new meter box, new panel (empty) and new wires to the panel from the meter box.

Re: upgrading 100 am service

Prices are creeping up now - $1,800 & $2,500 to upgrade service to 200 amps .... range is $45 for each GFCI to $150 for each .... $30 for each three-prong outlet ... for $1,200, one guy will do "all".

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